Frequently asked questions

   Q.  Must I be a member of SHRM National to be a member of SBSHRM, Inc.?

   A. Yes, SBSHRM, Inc. is a 100% Chapter, which means all members must be a current member in good standing with SHRM National.

Q. What is SBSHRM, Inc.’s calendar year and when are membership fees due?

A. SBSHRM, Inc.’s calendar year runs January 1st through December 31st and membership fees are due on January 1st.

Q. If I join SBSHRM, Inc. in October, will I still need to pay to renew my membership at the end of the year?

A. SBSHRM, Inc. memberships run on a calendar year cycle, so all members must renew at year end. However, if a member joined in the 4th Quarter of the preceding year (e.g., October through December), the individual will not need to pay the renewal fee $25) to renew for the subsequent year and will enjoy 3 months free.

Q. Can I purchase a membership for my company and have different HR representatives attend meetings under that membership?

A. No, SBSHRM, Inc. members are individual memberships, rather than corporate memberships. SBSHRM, Inc. memberships are non-transferable and not assignable.

Q. Why does SBSHRM, Inc. need my home address in my profile and will it be included in the membership directory information?

A. SBSHRM, Inc. requests your home contact information to ensure it can contact you if you change employment. Your membership belongs to you individually, not your corporation, so we want to ensure continued communication with you long term. If you do not want your home contact information to be visible in the membership directory, you can make that choice in your profile. Also, you can select to have your mail from SBSHRM, Inc. sent to either your work or home address.

Q. Can I get my registration fee refunded, if I am unable to attend an event for which I registered?

A. SBSHRM, Inc. will refund your registration fee if you cancel your registration at least 24 hours prior to the event. Because SBSHRM, Inc. must guarantee numbers for events 24 hours prior to the event, costs are incurred by SBSHRM, Inc. for individuals who cancel at a later point.

Q. Does SBSHRM, Inc. permit solicitation of business at chapter meetings and other events?

A. No, members may not actively solicit business from any other member at chapter meetings or other events, unless the members are attending the event in the capacity of a meeting sponsor. Any Member who engages in (or brings a guest who engages in) unwanted solicitation or obtains names of other Members without Board consent for future solicitation, may have their membership revoked by the Board of Directors.