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Coach Centric Leadership - Our leaders have been trained, why don't they change? It's all about Energy Leadership!

March 14, 2019
11:15 AM - 1:00 PM
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Eau Gallie Yacht Club
100 Datura Drive
Indian Harbour Beach, FL 32937

Presented by Terri Roosa

Terri Roosa is an experienced HR Professional, Certified Professional Coach trained by the Institute of Professional Excellence in coaching (iPEC) and is a certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner.  She is also certified as an HR professional through HRCI and SHRM.  As President of Roosa And Company Inc. she provides leadership, career, and life coaching to individuals and organizations.  Areas of specialty include Energy Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Group & Team Coaching.  As an HR consultant, Terri has experience in numerous areas including talent management, career development, leadership development, rewards and recognition, compensation, website design, HR project management and HRIS. She received an MBA in Human Resource Management from FIT and a BA in Psychology from University of Florida. Terri has served as an HR volunteer on the South Brevard SHRM Board of Directors as President, VP Programs, Webmaster, Director at Large and currently serves as Diversity & Inclusion Director. She has also served on the HR Florida State Conference team as Webmaster, Conference Marketing, and Social Media Rep. Prior to starting her company, Terri worked for various divisions of Harris Corporation in all areas of HR. 

Session Summary:  How do your leaders show up and what kind of energy do they bring to their team and to your organization? Have you ever wondered why two leaders with the same personality profiles are very different kind of leaders?  It's because they lead with different energy!

A well-known guy with funny looking hair, named Albert Einstein, proved that, quite literally, everything is energy.  This energy is also contagious, really contagious. And learning how to shift our energy and become a Coach Centric Leader is where the magic lies and transformation begins!

Just think about someone you see as a leader, someone who always seems to create tension in the room—How does this person’s impact spill over into everyone else’s mood and level of productivity?

On the other hand, think about another type of leader, one who chooses to inspire others, champion team work and confidently give credit where credit is due. When this leader shows up, watch how the engagement level of others increases. It’s that ripple effect and that ripple effect you feel is energy.  It’s critical for HR professionals, coaches, leaders, educators (and everyone else for that matter!) to understand its impact. 

Key Outcomes:

From this engaging session you will leave with a new awareness and tools that will help you:

-          View leadership in a new way through the model of Energy Leadership – Transforming Your Workplace and Your Life from the Core by Bruce Schneider (Creator of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching – iPEC)

-          Discover the Seven Levels of Energy we embody and how these levels of energy impact our actions every day and our reactions when we are stressed.

-          Know the difference between anabolic and catabolic energy and how to shift our energy to better serve our employees, clients, customers, loved ones, and anyone else we interact with—to lead—right from where we are.

-          Gain understanding of the Energy Leadership Index assessment and what it can tell us about ourselves

-          Begin to use a common language with organizations and others that will help create awareness and begin transformation

-          See a clear picture of what a Coach Centric Leader looks like

-          Understand why leadership and emotional intelligence training courses alone do not create lasting change

-          Learn where the magic lies – lasting self-transformation and the steps to get us there

-          Gain perspective on how energy blocks (GAILs) inhibit our transformation

-          Realize that Level 3 Listening is at the heart of every Coach Centric leader

-          Reflect upon this iPEC Foundation Principle:  “The greatest freedom is the freedom of conscious choice” How will you choose to lead? 


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