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Lead with style & build ROCK STARS! Nope, no jerks for bosses here.

March 12, 2020
11:15 AM - 1:00 PM
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Eau Gallie Yacht Club
100 Datura Drive
Indian Harbour Beach, FL 32937

Do you show up with your best self? Do you know your core character strengths and the values you hold near and dear to super charge your personal and professional relationships? With the VIA Character Strengths Assessment, you will be able to define your style by understanding your values. This will help you ‘step into your power’ and influence how others see you. You are AMAZING! Embrace it. Live it!

An influential leader should have a desire to help their team members achieve their goals, which includes taking the time to identify how they perform best or being beside them as they face challenges. When an individual uses this influential power, it’s amazing what a team can do! In many cases, an individual doesn’t need to be ‘the boss’ to have a group follow their lead to get stuff done.

Maybe you feel like you are speaking a different language at work or with the people on your team! You could be a young professional trying to figure out how to get things done as a team member or you could be a seasoned worker stumped by those just getting started in business. Harnessing your values and understanding some of the strengths and weaknesses on either side of the face is key to creating a win/win scenario for success in the workplace.


Michelle is going to help us identify some insights and strategies to create real world solutions for some of the challenges you face!

  • Define your style based on your values.
  • Understand the types of power and the most effective styles to win over people in order to get stuff done.
  • Know how to share the power, put others first and help others grow.
  • Identify the typical strengths & weaknesses for young and seasoned workers.
  • Tips & tricks to influence behavior.


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$25.00 Student Non-Members

$35.00 Guest

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