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Free Webinar - Virtual Live 45

August 07, 2020
2:15 PM - 3:00 PM
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As with most industries and work processes, technology is having a major impact on how organizations create and deliver training for their employees. Simply put…Learning and Development is being disrupted, particularly in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic!  The modern learner has far higher expectations that they once did and with that comes a whole new set of challenges in how businesses provide opportunities to enhance employee skills to achieve business outcomes.  Where, when and how training is delivered is under increased scrutiny, particularly with the number of remote workers rising significantly in recent months. 

Advances in eLearning mean that there are some great low cost/high impact solutions to addressing this challenge, and it is these solutions that we will be exploring in this highly practical, application focused professional development opportunity.  This session will provide context around the innovation that is affecting L&D and provide recommendations on the range of authoring tools available to create engaging, impactful self-paced on demand eLearning for your organization.  

Participants will specifically: 

-Consider the expectations of the modern learner. 

-Discuss the challenges affecting L&D in creating effective eLearning solutions. 

-Demystify confusing eLearning terminology - get back to basics! 

-Understand the range of solutions available to create highly engaging, impactful on demand eLearning. 

-Share best practice in how to develop eLearning that increases completion rates and creates experiences that learners actually enjoy!  

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Presented by Mark Griffiths
Mark is a Client Partner at Newleaf Training and Development and oversees the East Coast office in Orlando.  Mark has personally gained over 18 years experience in the training, eLearning, recruitment and staff development industry - working with non-profit, education and privately held organizations such as Hilton Grand Vacations, AAA, Randstad, Boston Scientific, Tesoro, McGraw-Hill Education and Citrix to create and deliver high impact blended training solutions incorporating a range of innovative instructor-led and online eLearning techniques to enhance employee engagement and achieve business outcomes.

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