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The New Tax & Financial Rules for Retirement have Changed!


February 24, 2021
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
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Registration closes 3:00 pm on 23 Feb 2021

Whether you are close to retiring, or your retirement is still a few years away, there are several potential roadblocks that can negatively affect the outcome of your retirement plan. While these roadblocks can be overcome with proper planning, we have found most people don’t even know they exist.

The rules are different now than when our parents retired. Something as simple as an increase in income taxes, taxes on Social Security, or a volatile Market can significantly impact retirement income and lessen your ability to live the lifestyle that you desire in retirement.

This workshop will focus on identifying these roadblocks and the impact they may have on your retirement plan. Once you understand them and how they came about, we present time-tested strategies for working around these roadblocks. Subtle adjustments made now can reap huge benefits once you decide to retire.

For some enlightening information – We encourage you to watch the following videos prior to the workshop. These will help you better understand some of the concepts and strategies that are discussed in the workshop.

60 Minutes interview with David Walker (about 11 minutes long). This interview was in 2007 when our national debt was $5.6 trillion. Mr. Walker had no idea that our debt would grow this rapidly.

SOFA’s commitment to HR Departments:  https://www.sofabrevard.com/shrm-hr-video

Visit www.usdebtclock.org to see our debt increasing. The Federal Reserve has lowered interest rates to zero and doesn’t plan on increasing them until 2024. This will cause Congress to increase the national debt by $3 to $4 trillion each year.

The following are some of the things that previous attendees didn’t know about:

1. Today’s retirement is totally different than our parents or grandparents:
a. Today, 1/3 of the U.S. population is crunching into retirement -78 million people – The Baby Boomers will be depending on the government for a portion of their retirement income.
b. Additionally, people are living longer, so it is important to plan now so you don’t run out of money.

2. Our nation’s debt is presently $27.8 trillion and will top $49.2 trillion by 2025 as reported by the GAO (Government Accountability Office).
a. This coupled with the Baby Boomers will cause Medicare and Medicaid to be more heavily impacted and medical costs to increase.

3. Due to the rising debt, Congress will likely be forced to raise income taxes!
a. With most employee’s money tied up in 401k’s and IRA’s, how much will we be able to keep after taxes?

4. Today, due to the Provisional Income Act of 1983, up to 85% of your Social Security may be taxable in retirement!
a. This can be reduced or eliminated with proper planning.
b. Most retirees don’t know that this exists or how to eliminate it.

5. The GAO has reported that our country’s total tax revenue only pays for four things:
a. Medicare
b. Medicaid
c. Social Security
d. A portion of the interest on our debt

6. All other government obligations and entitlements are paid by printing more money and increasing our national debt! Learn how this will impact your retirement.

SOFA - provides “Financial Awareness” workshops all over the country. Our mission is to end financial illiteracy in America. Our presenters are Attorneys, CPAs, Financial Advisors, and other professionals that give of their time to educate corporate employees and other organizations on how to navigate changes that have impacted retirement for many people in today’s business world. Our workshops are free with absolutely no selling. Workshops are Fact-Filled, Fun, and filled with information that you can use to improve your retirement.

Please note that this workshop is for personal development. SHRM and HRCI recertification credit is not offered for this session. 


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